Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our clients ask them often and here we answer them.

The efficient number for this type of investment is 20 ATM’s network size.

Yes, absolutely.

Odyssey Group US provides the ATM equipment, scout the location, sign the contracts on your behalf, install the machine and process the transactions through its online system.

We look for locations with a minimum of 100 transactions per month. We estimate that a new location should reach that number from the 12th month of installed.

Odyssey Group US offers 6 month guarantee period with full service support. From month 6th and on, we provide maintenance service for our costumers based on the active number of ATM's in his/her network.

Odyssey Group US offers the loading service included in its monthly maintenance fee, which is optional for our customers. 

Yes indeed. With our contract package Odyssey Group US provides full coverage for 12 months for:
Money in transit
Third parties
Employees and location

Odyssey Financial Solutions

No. One of the most valuable assets in the ATM business is not the machine but the contract location. Odyssey Group US facilitates the relationship with the location owner or administrator and ALWAYS the ATM contract is signed by the network owner and the contract benefits belongs to him/her.

Yes absolutely. Your now brand new ATM network will be an established business with verifiable revenue stream pretty soon and it will increase its value dramatically with the time so, when you will consider to obtain liquidity from your equity, you can offer your assets to the market, always avid for well settled business operations.

Yes. Odyssey Group US has developed a very precise and detailed cash flow analysis and economic projections based on its real business operations, available upon request. Please contact us to get started.