Odyssey Communications is the most sophisticated segmented advertising network on the market.

Their screens distributed and placed strategically in combination with our ATM's and Vending Machines, have facial recognition systems that allows us to identify the sex and age of the person in front of the device, thus displaying specific advertising for each detected market stratum.

Simultaneously, the associated database provides real-time information and statistics that make this tool a surefire weapon for those advertisers who want to reach specific niches of consumption and expect immediate returns on sales.

Odyssey Communications Targeted Screens

  • Maximum exposure
  • Targeted advertising targeted
  • Interactivity
  • Real-time information
  • Statistical prediction


We are a dynamic retail banking support organization operating from South Florida, deploying its services within all US.
A seasoned teamwork of professionals in administration, logistics and systems provides to our costumers (ATM entrepreneurs and investors) the best enterprise experience.

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