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ATM Vending Machine Business

Think of an ATM as a cash vending machine. An ATM Vending Machine is really just a vending machine that dispenses cash instead of snacks or soda.

ATM Process It sits by the door, waiting to be used just like any other vending machine. But instead of dispensing soda or snacks, it dispenses $20 bills.

Instead of charging $1.00 or $2.00 for a soda or a snack (that cost you something to begin with), an ATM machine charges $1.50 or more for the convenient access to the cash in your bank.

Now, the banks have all sorts of agreements with ATM networks to offer access to your cash (otherwise we would not use banks as much and ATM cards). Your ATM will now just dispense $20 bills to users that pay for access. Then the funds from that users bank will deposited back into the ATM cash providers account daily.

All you do is keep in loaded with $20’s instead of snacks. What happens when a vending machine gets low on product? You refill it. If your vending machine dispenses sodas and snacks, have to buy more to fill up the machine.

Accounting and Management Reporting

The ATM processing center operates an extensive settlement and accounting system that assures prompt, accurate delivery of funds to the owner of the ATM as well as detailed monthly processing reports. Processing reports are done down to the transaction level on a daily basis via the Internet.

You can login to a secure area to see your ATM processing in real-time to check transaction, balances, and more. A separate monthly merchant statement is also sent electronically at no additional charge which breaks down all the processing details for the month.

The management reporting and residual accounting for all transaction processing is designed to support multiple-party revenue sharing among merchants and other business partners when needed. This means that if you have one or more ATMs processing transactions and you need to pay more than one person or entity from the processing income, we can do that for you at no additional charge.

Real-time processing with online monitoring included

Our ATM Portal provides fast and convenient access to real-time ATM transaction processing information. This online information delivery tool was created exclusively for our ATM processing customers.

Via a secure real-time ATM monitoring link, all OFS customers can now enjoy seeing live processing information.

View daily and monthly terminal reports, view real-time transaction processing, review and research inquiries and download processing data into customized reports.

All available 24 x 7 x 365.

Financial specs

With an ATM, the same money you put in gets recycled. You take a few $20 bills out of your cash register (if you’re a retailer with cash) or if your an ATM Vending Machine Business you get $20’s from your bank and put them in the ATM.

Customers withdraw those $20’s and the ATM networks deposit that money back into your bank account the next business day. No soda or snacks to buy to refill the machine.

And, with the ATM our online ATM management system shows you daily usage and balances so you don’t have to visit the ATM unless you need to.


Minimum investment: US $ 140,000 (Network of 20 ATMs along with working capital. This investment also includes the procedures for obtaining the E2 visa, the presentation of the business plan, billing projection And immigration documents, among others.)
Estimated annual return: 14% first year, 25% second year and 35% third year.
Number of transactions average per ATM: 100 per month.
Number of ATM operated by Odyssey: 1000
Origin of the investors: 90% of clients belong to Argentina, while the rest are divided between Mexico and Brazil.
Annual growth rate: 300% 2016 vs. 2015


How does it work?

  • Who withdraws money from the ATM, pays an extraction rate of US$ 3 average.
  • 30% of that rate belongs to the location where the cashier is located (a supermarket, a service station or a local, for example).
  • Of the remaining US$ 2, US$ 0.50 cents correspond to the maintenance, fee of money, service and proration of insurance.
  • The remaining profit is part of the investor's profitability.
  • On average, a low-yield cashier spreads between US$ 1 and US$ 1.25 profitability per withdrawal, while a cashier with good performance generates around US$ 1.50.

Main advantages:
  • This is a relatively low investment, in relation to the profitability it generates.
  • The business model allows you to apply for an E2 visa that allows you to live in the United States.
  • It requires a low need for supervision and control, since the ATM is autonomous; That is to say it is controlled remotely since it forms part of an inner closed circle where there is no sales in cash but everything is computerized.
  • The transaction is triggered by a person who wants to extract money. The investment automatically charges a percentage, without any risk.


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